Who we are

At Heedbern shipping, we offer a wide range of services required during daily operations. We provide expert and technical advice on ship chartering, ship-owning and ship maintenance. We also provide ship-brokerage and ship-management services for third-party ship owners. Our services include vessel management, supply vessels, barges and inward/outward clearance for vessels in Lagos Nigeria, import & export of cargo freight, etc.

Our Vision

To provide our clients with the most trusted seagoing transportation services, using our resourceful, well-trained and experienced workforce to deliver unique services.

Our Mission

To be the preferred and trusted leader in the shipping industry particularly in vessel management, import and export including cargo freight forwarding, by employing “just in time” import logistics in a cost-efficient method.


HEEDBERN SHIPPING NIGERIA LIMITED was registered to carry out logistics business too. We have updated knowledge of customs regulations and procedures, providing comprehensive custom clearance services for hassle-free import and export of consignment. We have the expertise in the preparation and processing of cargo/port documentation with ease. We have very experienced personnel with years of experience in custom cargo clearance and great competence to accelerate your custom cargo clearance process with the motive to:

  • Reduce your clearing cost, time and demurrage cost.
  • Work in close liaison with your import document staff to perfect import documentation before the arrival of your cargo.
  • Provide you with constant and timely information on statutory import document regulation to enable you to plan and forecast with efficiency.

We are poised to offer you cutting edge service tailored to meet your needs, the first time and all the time. Thus, ensuring that you be the first and be with the best in your chosen trade.

Operational Dynamics For Cargo Clearance


We will open form M on your behalf, completing all statutory import documentation via the banks, the Scanning and Risk Management service provider and import regulatory agencies (e.g. Standards Organizations of Nigeria etc.)

The ‘Collection Order’ shall stipulate that two sets of shipping documents will be produced by your suppliers; one set attached with the bill of exchange sent directly to your Nigerian bank where form M will be opened; the second set sent directly to YOU.

The transaction will be operated from an escrow account with any bank of your choice or DOMICILLARY ACCOUNT for non-valid exchange personal purchase abroad import with telegraphic transfer payment mode.


Quick liaison with the exporter or shipper to make arrangement for booking of vessel, container stuffing and shipment. Monitoring the ETD and ETA of the vessel.

Hold container at quay apron. Arrange for the plant to move the container to the quay apron, in order to prevent Block Stacking. Arrange for container handling plant to move the container to scan or examination base. Arrange for container handling plant to load the container for an exit. Lorry driver proceeds to your warehouse.

Our Strength and Comparative Advantage

Our strength lies in our well-trained and experienced workforce, together with an articulated organizational structure designed with the concept of the current environmental and operational conditions aimed at achieving results the first time and always. Recently the Nigerian Customs qualified us as one of the leading agencies to partake in the direct trader’s input computer connectivity program called DTI. This facility will enable our organization lodge Customs Bill of Entry with the customs electronically via the internet and obtain all necessary releases required for the loading of containers thereby bypassing the Customs Processing Centre i.e. Long room.

We operate at an industrial average lowest cost due to our size, overhead cost and general Customs perception of our Agency. Perception in terms of not having the financial flagrance for unnecessary, or uncalled-for cash settlements for releases as compared to other cash cow Agencies. Such unnecessary cash disbursement is often passed to the importer. We endeavour to effect delivery from the proximate terminal of the landing port in order to prevent our clients from payment of double handling cost when containers are moved to bonded terminals or other satellite terminals outside the ports.

We work on close liaison with your import documentation team to eliminate documentation errors and perfect shipping documents that will facilitate case custom clearing. We have a feedback mechanism that enables you to plan and prosecute documentation timely. We have jealously guided our integrity over the years by only promising what we can deliver on and put our client’s business continuity topmost in all our transactions.

This we have achieved by having hindsight on Government’s constantly changing policies together with the wave of maritime environmental uncertainties. We study and precipitate these uncertainties into cutting edge service that will place you ahead in your chosen trade as the first or with the first.


In addition to our schedule all bank handling charges, interest, cost of bank advice, in addition to 1% of turn over.

Our Routes

Lagos – Port Harcout
Lagos – Warri

Lagos – Calabar
Port Harcout – Calabar


  • 12, Bornu Cresent. Ground floor.
    Apapa, Lagos Nigeria
    Phone: +234-8033068219
  • Suite 106 nacho complex beside NAFDAC office.
    Nacho M.M Int’l airport Ikeja, Lagos.
    Phone: 01-2900773