What we do

Door to door delivery (D2D Logistics)

This product is designed to enable you to concentrate on the core competence of your business while allowing HEEDBERN SHIPPING NIG. LTD to handle all your cargo movement from point of export to destination warehouse/sight in Nigeria.

Our activities will commence once you notify us of an impending order/shipment by way of sending us a Pro-forma invoice either for import or export cargo received from your counterpart party by way of providing professional advice regarding statutory import documentation and regulatory status governing of items/products at the moment in Nigeria and destination countries world over.

Port to door delivery

This product is designed to customs clear cargoes that have already arrived at the Nigeria ports and left on cleared before engaging our services. Most importers are not able to agglomerate necessary import guideline related documents before the arrival of their cargoes. This is compounded by the Government destination inspection policy stipulating that Bill of lading date should not be earlier than the date of submission and approval of accompanying Form “M”.

These resulted to problems as none stepping down or sorting of cargoes early enough, port demurrage, storage accruals and other contingencies within the port that leads to traffic congestion hence block stacking.

Quay to door delivery

This product is designed to enable our client to achieve a ‘just-in-time’ import logistics. The spin-off is enabled by the introduction of 48 hours customs cargoes clearing at the ports with the advent of Government policies such as ‘Fast- track-Clearing’ and ‘Pre-release clearing’.

The beauty of this product is that it obviates delays and bottlenecks associated with your consignment being moved to another satellite terminal or being ‘block-stacked’ due to congestion at the quay-apron.

Other Services include

Custom Clearing of diplomatic Cargo

For diplomats and foreign nationals returning home or importing their office equipment, diplomatic goods, personal effects and other chattels into Nigeria.

Ship Spares and Stores

We provide the required security information of Bank Bond required by the Nigerian Customs through approved banks to fast track the immediate clearing of specialized spare parts for vessels in distress in Nigerian territorial waters. We also provide provisional stores for the crew on board vessel in distress within Nigerian territorial waters.

Export Service

We are also in the business of exporting various goods and products to other parts of the world. we do this by providing the required security information needed by the customs service of the country.

Our Routes

Lagos – Port Harcout
Lagos – Warri

Lagos – Calabar
Port Harcout – Calabar


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